Students at St. Mary of the Falls School attend Music class each week (Preschool through Grade 8).   In addition to music class, students have the opportunity to participate in Band (Grades 4-8) and our Parish Youth Choir.  

St. Mary of the Falls school is fortunate to utilize the Yamaha keyboard system called Music In Education. Produced by top music educators and technology designers across the nation our class set of keyboards allow students to directly access music history, education, notation, and playing techniques. Beyond what may seem like simply teaching students to play the piano, our students are further enriched by the pairing of the smartboard to the MIE system. The completely interactive and updatable system allows the technology to be fluid and always new to the students.

In class, beyond this we also learn music in movement. Dalcroze was a famous music educator that insisted we teach our students the importance of motion, expression through movement, and emotion. All children and young adults enjoy expressing themselves and giving them a positive outlet to express.


The use of technology is an important life skill for our students. So much of what we do each day is based on technology. Our goal here at St. Mary of the Falls School is to fully integrate technology across all areas of the curriculum so that students are ready to meet the demands of not only high school, but the real world as well. We see technology playing a key role in fostering critical thinking skills, problem solving, and collaboration. 

Here at St. Mary of the Falls, students have regular access to our computer lab equipped with HP laptops.  Classroom sets of iPads and Chromebooks are available in each classroom.  Students in grades 6-8 have their own school-issued Chromebook which they use as an important tool in the learning process.  Google Classroom, Google Docs, and coding are all a part of regular practice for our students. SmartBoards and/or active panels in all our classrooms. 


In grades K-4, we expose students to the Spanish language and culture in an effort to increase their interest, motivation, and confidence in learning a foreign language. Our goal is to make the language meaningful and enjoyable for the students while also developing their listening and speaking skills.

In grades 5-8, our goal is to further develop the students’ enjoyment, confidence, and comprehension of the Spanish language. We also assist them in developing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while exposing them to the Spanish culture.

Fine Arts

Art Education 

Students in grades Kindergarten through grade 8 learn to express themselves through various forms of art. Students also participate in the Padua Art Show each year.

Drama Club 

Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to participate in Drama Club.  Drama Club meets each week with a culminating performance in March.